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About Neil Sharp

About Me

I am 36 years old, live in Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire and have been a self employed decorator and artist since 2001. I can draw and paint almost any design onto walls, paper and canvas. I do a lot of work in local schools painting backdrops for school plays. I am currently painting a 25 metre outside wall with local scenes on it in the style of L.S. Lowry. I am always happy to advise on colour and what I think would look good best in certain situations. I know my colours and what works best.

Whenever I paint anything my priorities are to make the image come alive – more or less 3D. For example cartoons and Disney images are usually flat looking but I make the character seem real as if you can touch them and they will come alive. When painting characters for childrens bedrooms I pride myself in making sure it is technically correct. I don’t for example have creepy eyes looking at you as this would scare the child. Also there are no distorted features like you see in a lot of mural artists work. I am very flexible and can change an image to suit so Whatever the customer wants, they will get.

My Prices

My prices are extremely reasonable and people are very surprised with the value for money, they are always happy with the final outcome. Sometimes its very difficult getting a child to go to sleep at night but if they have a room with their favourite characters on the wall or a favourite scene they love they will be happy to be in their room and sleep at night.

Customer Reviews

School teacher Helen Shay said “When Neil paints, something all of a sudden happens in the picture and it comes alive !! All the street scenes were painted on commissions.”

Another customer went to Australia and wanted something to remind them of St Albans where they lived. They said my work was almost photographic with a distinctive style about it.